Now, like me. He moved to a new area and did not know anyone nearby. I thought the best way to meet people was to take a job in a pub. So that's exactly what I did. I found a nice pub - a drink / pub social and hosts seemed to good people. to fit in it, got along very well with Andy, the owner. You have to work most of the bar, had a very outgoing and bold around. We work well together and had a little chat with each other flirtatious way, bettors seemed to enjoy. One night, in the middle of my shift I went to the basement to look for something, opened the door and came Andy. I pushed down the stairs and started kissing me. Oh God! I had about an orgasm! I did not realize how much I loved him. He slid his hand up my skirt and began stroking my pussy. My panties were almost completely soaked, it must have been feeling xnnx that I could, and xnnx he smiled and asked me why I had not known before. I was talkingless and just wanted to stop teasing and give my throbbing pussy, which was for pain. Instead, he focused in front of my panties and threw tear it up on me. It was then that I had my first orgasm! He told me, pull my underwear and go back to work. I left there and returned to the counter. I could not leave me in this state so I looked for something to use. The basement was cold and we have for the storage of vegetables for the kitchen. There on the shelf was a box of carrots - perfect. I took a medium-sized and sat on a barrel of beer. Carefully, I pushed on my butt vibrant and completed what Andy had begun. then I realized the door at the top of the stairs was not closed completely. I thought I saw happen to someone, but in my ecstasy of pain, I could not be sure - to be honest, even if there is someone, I could not have stopped anyway. Or admitted (the carrot thrown away ) and went upstairs. Andy gavand me a big smile xnnx and xnnx a double vodka and coke - I told him he deserves it !
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